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July 2018

Dear Fellow Domestic Helpers,

Due to the hot summer weather, the flu/cold virus are going around but as long as you stay away from crowded places and keep up your good personal hygiene – wash your hands , hair and body often; alert the employer if you’ve any kind of sickness and put on a mask. (must also keep good hygiene for the children and household clean as well at all time) – trust me, this will help you and all members of your employer’s household healthy and happy.

Moreover, here are some more reminders on the proper attitude that you should have as a good domestic helper during the hot summer months - July/August/Sept. in Hong Kong: 1) must not use or turn on the air-conditioner without the employer’s permission or while employer’s family is away from home. 2) Even the weather is hot, do not wear low cut t-shirt, tube top while you’re working in the house, save those for your holidays going out. While working, should just wear simple crew neck short sleeves T-shirt. 3) Take a shower or bath everyday and shampoo your hair often as well as use an anti-perspirant deodorant to fight off sweats and body odor. 4) must follow the employer’s instruction and not doing your own way. 3) must not use any of employer’s articles, like shampoo, detergent, fabric softener, etc. for your own use without permission. Some employers might be kind and they’ll provide you shampoo, toothpaste for the first month when you arrived Hong Kong but when you received your monthly salary; you should buy your own and not abuse the employer’s kindness 4) if you make a mistake and employer might scold you, you must say sorry and not show long face and lied to employer to cover your mistake. 5) when using the bathroom taking shower ( you must bring the clothes you need to wear inside the bathroom and not come out the bathroom and cover yourself with just a towel) or using the toilet, you must lock the bathroom door as a courtesy and respect other members in the family. Hope you all can follow the aforesaid basic manners.

Keep smiling & Stay out from the summer heat. Kindest Regards, Betty Chan